December Newsletter

Kim Lundeen Long Haul Trucking

We know more than trucking…. It’s no surprise that many of the great drivers within our fleet are also excellent chefs!  We are frequently blessed with drivers who bring their great cooking skills into the office, while in the shop or on break, and share their great dishes with everyone.  It is with this thought and our family oriented business model that we decided to put together a Long Haul Family Cookbook!  We are asking all drivers, office employees and shop personnel to submit their signature recipes in one of three categories for us to publish within this text.  Our cookbook’s theme will be three fold and offer sections for recipes at home, on the road and lastly a specialty category featuring appetizers and desserts. For submission, you may either email your recipes to or submit them via Facebook Messenger to our company Facebook page.  Our goal is to have all recipes submitted by the end of January so that we can put everything together and have the book sent out to anyone that might want a copy!  Thanks again to all of the great Long Haul employees that have prepared food for the team as your outstanding cooking abilities are the driving force behind this new idea!

Permit Book Deadline is here!!
As you all know it is again that time where we must ensure our permit books are updated for a new year! We have done an excellent job of getting these updated so far but still have a handful of drivers to go.  Please keep in mind how important it is that we all have this completed in a timely fashion in order to avoid potential citations, fines and even worse a priority shutdown! We have a fleet full of first class drivers and nothing makes us happier than seeing them running at full strength, let’s make sure that we can start 2017 as strong as possible by doing the little things right and getting all of these permit books updated.  If you have any questions on ensuring that your permits are ready for a new year reach out to Susan Brown.

2016 Holiday Celebration!
LHT celebrated the holiday season on 12/15 and is proud to announce the following award winners!

Harry Slimmer Award:Craig minty 

Harry Slimmer Scholarship: Anthony Bowman, Nicole Trawick, Kyle Wolf.

One Million Accident Free Miles: Jerry Hanna, Dana Harden, Matt Olson, Eileen Piehl, Al Smith, Leighton Stevens, Arlyn Workman. 

10 Years of Dedicated Service: Susan Brown, Roger smith, Ray Hainstock, Kurt Dahlquist, Matt Olson, Mike Watkins 

20 Years of Dedicated Service:Al Smith, Terry Hanna 

25 Years of Dedicated Service:Dave Fiecke, Paul Merges 

Department Voted MVP’s: Dispatch-Kelli McGill, Accounting / HR-Paula Winter, Safety – Bridget Gessner, Premier 94-Fernando Valenzuela Estrada.

Thank you to all of these incredible employees for their great work!

Three Keys for the Month

  • We would again like to say thank you to not only the employees that received awards this year but all of our hardworking personnel for their contributions to the Long Haul team!
  • Don’t forget to keep your permit book and trucks maintained for a successful start to 2017!  We want to make sure all of our first class drivers are in position for a great start to the year.
  • Please submit your recipes for the Long Haul Family Cookbook no later than January 31st to ensure that anyone who wants to participate is able to. If you cannot submit by this deadline please email Anthony for late submission arrangements.

Monthly tips that will keep our money in our wallets, not paying fines!

It is always important that we not only focus on doing the little things right to keep us safe but also to make sure we don’t have to lose our hard earned money paying fines! As we get ready for a harsh winter it is important to remember how cost saving it is to keep our trucks properly maintained and ready for cold weather!   If we gel up and start having engine issues not only is it very costly to get repaired, but dangerous in terms of being stranded on the side of the road surrounded by harsh elements!  Let’s make sure we continue to do the little things right and take pride in keeping our beautiful trucks in great running shape all year long!