November Newsletter

Kim Lundeen Long Haul Trucking

As the Holiday season approaches.…Our team wants to extend a special thank you to all of the members of our Long Haul family that have worked so hard this year to help keep us running strong! This is a very important time of year for many as a moment to relax and count their blessings while surrounded by loved ones and family. Further more it is also a great opportunity for our team to remember how important great communication and attention to detail is for us to be successful as a company. Taking the extra step’s of being mindful where our teammates on the road will be landing and locking down solid plans to have them routed with family and friends is a critical step in making sure everyone’s holiday is a good one. BE sure to communicate early and often on where we need to go, when we need to be there, and how we can make it happen!

Top Ten Sneak Peak!!
The Top Ten driver list for 2016 has been finalized and we are thrilled as a company to have a fleet full of so many great drivers! Healthy competition is a good source for any team to sharpen their skills and work to be the best! One of the driver’s on this list is Mr. Don Hatt who contributed his success to “Keeping a great work ethic and relationship with dispatchers.”   This positive- team driven mentality helps Don remain successful on the road and a happy driver! One other driver from the list this year is Forest Bogue who states that part of his success stems from his genuine love of trucking. To him this is more of a dream job than just a job and he wakes up grateful every day to have the opportunity to be out on the road!   Keep an eye out for further info on every driver on this year’s list!

Many Chain Laws are In Effect!
As winter closes in many chain laws have now gone into effect and it is critical that we have a clear understanding of where/what these regulations entail in order to stay citation free! Many laws currently in effect are within the western states which remind us to make certain that we have chains/cables on our trucks if traveling toward these regions. Furthermore we should have the appropriate safety equipment available at all times so that we can always be prepared for unexpected cold weather and snow! If you are unclear on how some of the laws work, don’t hesitate to reach out to safety or dispatch and ask!

Three Keys for the Month

  • Remember to communicate your holiday plans early and often with dispatch and Josh Hainstock to ensure that we can hatch a plan that gets you where you need to be!
  • Make sure you have a clear understanding of things like Chain law’s and the NY HUT decal rule to ensure that as you travel around the country you remain fine and citation free!
  • Stay tuned for further info on our top ten drivers of the year! Long Haul values all of their operators to the highest regard and encourages each individual to push themselves to become “King of the Road!”

Monthly tips that will keep our money in our wallets, not paying fines!

As many of us already know driving on the east coast is no easy task and can consume all of our attention when trying to properly navigate our route. This month in, The Bottom Line, we are placing focus on the NY HUT Decal Rule. As a fleet we have had a handful of drivers not affix the NY HUT decal to their vehicle and elect rather to carry it in their permit book. Remember that once ordered it is critical to affix the permit to the front of your trucks for visibility. As of now we have only received warnings; but be aware that the fines are soon to follow! Doing the little things right like proper Decal placement in this case is just one of the ways that we can avoid pesky fines and save more money in the Long Haul!