October Newsletter

Kim Lundeen Long Haul Trucking

As the season’s change outside...we’ve seen a fair amount of change internally at LHT. Our corporate office has recently brought in two new Members to the Dispatch team along with a new face in recruiting. As our office personnel is altering it is pressing that we remember what has kept us successful as a company for over 30 years as a continually growing carrier. One member of the team who can attest to this personally is Arden Wray who during the month of October celebrated his 23rd year of service with the company. When asked what’s kept him loyal to this fleet for that many years he stated,” John’s always had a good group of people in the office. And the money has always been consistent.” This is a trend that the Long Haul team takes pride in continuing no matter who the new office personnel might be. A common understanding of working together as a team and making as much money possible for our great company and drivers.

Found a shipper? Let us know! 
One of the most recently asked questions coming from our orientation classes has been “Who should we reach out to if we have a lead on a new shipping contact or one that we used to work with?” We are ALWAYS looking for new opportunities to drive in the best freight for our team to handle and our driving force has first hand experience of how desirable a shipper is to work with. Please feel free to reach out to Jason Michels, Anthony Book or the dispatcher who handles the region to ensure these new opportunities are not missed!

Winter Driving is upon us!
As the colder months close in LHT will be starting their salute to winter driving. This month we are focusing on following distance. Maintaining a proper following distance will not only keep us safe but save us money in the Long Haul. When practicing a safe following distance we will not only be able to stay as accident free as possible but also prevent hard braking which will save our tire tread and axles from continuous repair. Remember to pick up cables from the shop and always keep a set on hand for unexpected snow!

Three Keys for the Month

  •  Make sure you swing by the shop/office next time you’re in town to meet with our new office employees (Dustin, Alex and Anthony) and to check out some of the new Long Haul Hats!
  •  Stay on top of your pre-trip inspections. Preventative care is key for us to make sure our money stays in our wallets and not paying fines!
  •  Make certain you are prepared for winter driving. Mother Nature could turn ugly at any moment and start dumping snow all over the country. Make sure you have your wires/cables ready!