Frequently Asked Questions

Long Haul Trucking doesn’t allow Company Drivers to have pets in the truck. Owner-Operators and Contract Drivers are allow to have their own pet policy.
Long Haul Trucking does allow family members to ride along. It’s only an additional $15 to the insurance.
Long Haul Trucking pays company drivers weekly via Direct Deposit.
The training sessions take 2 1/2 days, and then after the session you will meet with the Recruiter.
Long Haul Trucking requires 2 years / 200,000 miles to be considered for employment.
Long Haul Trucking is currently working on a new program to work with new and current truck driving students.
Long Haul Trucking doesn’t offer a leasing program at this time.
Long Haul Trucking offers Health Insurance, and it takes 90 days for the Health Insurance to be active.